Cloud: adoption is there, maturity safe yet July 11, 2017

Today, the cloud is a must in many companies. Applications in Saas, dedicated cloud or public infrastructure: the solutions are numerous and are declined according to the use cases, but the question of the confidence and security of the cloud remains at the heart of the debates.

This is the topic chosen by Cesin, the Computer Security and Digital Experts Club, which publishes a survey based on a survey of 91 of its members on cloud security practices . 91, it does not matter, but Cesin members have many RSSIs from major French organizations, which gives a partial but significant insight into cloud security practices in French companies.

The first observation of the study is that of the mass adoption of the cloud with the respondents: 90% of the respondents explain thus store to process data on a cloud. The use of this one remains a minority in front of the applications on premise, which remain majority, but the use of the cloud is widespread.

However, on the other hand, security still remains another pair: 47% of respondents explain that they did not integrate the cloud dimension into their information security policy at all, and only 25% developed a specific policy entirely Dedicated to the use of the cloud in company.

The other aspect that emerges from this study is the dependence of businesses on large cloud infrastructure providers. For example, many respondents (69%) were concerned about the rapid evolution of cloud solutions, whether from application compatibility, security settings or, to a lesser extent, auditing capabilities.

Apart from those who do not manage to follow the pace imposed by third-party actors, respondents would like facilities to recover logs, audit systems or even contract.

58% of the respondents explained that the major SaaS providers offer contracts that can not be changed, forcing companies to adapt their security policies to the terms imposed by service providers. A not insignificant advantage: that of continuity of activity. Surveys favor this aspect, as well as that of cost, which remains to the respondents the main assets on cloud.

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