How to reduce the effects of cloud computing on the environment? July 11, 2017

If the ecological impact of cloud computing is to be reduced, it is not a question of a few people or a small group of people, it is certainly the business of all.Because the increase in global energy consumption concerns all landowners. The fact is that the number of data centers is growing more and more because there is constantly additional data to be backed up. However, many are still storing in their electronic box mails of friends received for 8 years and which will no longer serve them anything. Many parents buy an iPad for each of their children, whose iPads will barely exploit 30% of their capacity. They not only increase energy costs but also the space occupied on cloud computing. In the enterprises,

At this level, the first effort to be made concerns each user. Clearing files that no longer serve any purpose on online storage (including e-mail) could already alleviate the problem of the need to increase the number of data centers. For large IT firms, adopting ecological behavior would obviously reduce the ecological impact of data centers, but would also improve their image and could reduce the costs they invest in energy needs. A possible solution would be to adopt a method of adiabatic cooling , much less energy-consuming and that does not let heat escape.

There are also very original ideas, especially the one that proposes to putcomputers in a radiator to limit the losses of heat, thus the waste of energy; In this case of course it would have to be adapted to the servers in the data centers.Another idea begins to impose itself and is evoked under the name of ecological informatics.

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