Impacts of Cloud Computing July 11, 2017

The explosion of ICT is such that the deportation of computer processing traditionally localized on local servers is done on remote servers: this is called cloud computing. Our contributions are modeled in detail on a theory of improved breathability and thus created impact using established and related components to the environment Telecommunication (i), then the cloud stock (j) and the interactions between celles- those above and the (ij). Managers today must then create the virtual biotope to strengthen their control system because confronted with daily digital ecosystems. It would be important for regulators to have a serious staffing of control tools to deal with massive data so the term DATA BIG with its instruments becomes the rule to prevent cyber security. These works were presented at the first (CARET) African Conference on Regulation and the Economy of Telecommunications which took place from 26 to 28 October 2011 in Ouagadougou. in Burkina Faso by (ARCEP) and Telecom Paris Tech

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